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iGOBanking - High Yield Online Banking

Direct Deposit

The safest, easiest way to get Social Security or SSI.

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iGOBanking FAQs
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  • Who is iGObanking.com®?

  • Is iGObanking.com® a safe and financially sound organization?

  • Will my deposits be FDIC Insured?

  • What is iGObanking.com's FDIC number?

  • Does iGObanking.com® offer trust accounts?

  • Does iGObanking.com® offer custodial accounts?

  • Can I apply by mail or email?

  • What is the routing and transit number for iGObanking.com®?

  • Can I wire funds into my iGObanking.com® account?

  • How is interest calculated?

  • How do I verify my trial deposits?

  • Does iGObanking.com® offer business accounts?

  • How can I initially fund my iGObanking account?

  • How can I deposit additional funds in to my iGObanking account?

Savings Accounts

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CD Accounts

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  • What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?

  • What are the CD interest rates for an iGO high yield CD?

  • Is there a difference between a regular CD and an online CD?

  • How do I open an iGO high yield CD?

  • How do I view my iGO high yield CD once it's been opened?

  • How long can I open my iGO high yield CD for?

  • Are there any fees or minimums to open my iGO high yield CD?

  • Is there a penalty for early withdrawal for my iGObanking.com® CD?

  • What is the process to close my iGObanking.com® CD account during the grace period?

  • Will I be sent a maturity notice for my iGObanking.com® CD?

  • Can I add money to my CD once it's opened?

Debit Card

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  • What is an IRA?

  • What's the difference between a Traditional and a Roth IRA?

  • Do I have to be an existing iGObanking® customer to open a Traditional or Roth IRA?

  • How do I open an IRA?

  • What is a beneficiary?

  • Are there minimums to open and iGO IRA CD?

  • Are my IRA deposits insured?

Online Banking

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  • How many additional accounts can I link to my iGOSavings® Account?

  • How do I link an additional account to my iGOSavings® Account?

  • What is iGObanking's Online Banking Agreement?

  • What if I forget my password?

  • Who is responsible when individuals other than myself make transactions from my accounts using iGO Online Banking?

  • Can I look at all of my transactions at any time?

  • Can I view my account history in iGO Online Banking?

Online Checking

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Online Checking Funds Transfer

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  • Is iGObanking's Online Banking System secure?

  • Why does the system "time out" occasionally?

  • What are the system requirements for iGO Online Banking?

  • Can I access iGO Online Banking from any computer?

  • As an iGObanking.com® customer, how can I ensure that my identity is protected?

Account Maintenance

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Bill Pay & Presentment

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